If shopping is your thing, Marbella Lakes is just minutes away from upscale malls, specialty boutiques, art galleries and a bunch of shopping districts. Places like Third Street South, Coastland Center Mall, Waterside Shops and Venetian City will satisfy all your shopping and decorating needs. Marbella Lakes is smack in the middle of Naples culture: quick access to the Philharmonic Center for the Arts, the Naples Community Center, Naples Botanical Garden and the Naples Zoo make Marbella Lakes a prime location for anyone who wants the laid-back but sophisticated life that Naples, Florida offers.

If you are more interested in what the food scene is like: imagine being able to find anything you are craving. From upscale, fine dining to all-American diners, you can quench all of your desires just moments away from Marbella Lakes. Whether you prefer fusion cuisine or a good steakhouse, great restaurants are easy to find. Marbella Lakes is perfect for any family who wants to be a part of a true community.